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Curious what is included with a specific Service?

Scroll down and see what we offer and what is included with each.

Home Cleaning


  • Base Cleaning Service

    • (Floors, Counters, Dusting, Toilets &Tub/Shower)

Add Ons:

  • Ovens

    • We clean inside and out - simple but takes a while

  • Refridgerator

    • We can do a full defrost and clean, a cooler(s) will need to be provided to keep your perishables safe

  • Bathrooms Only

    • We offer a bathroom only service

    • Includes top to bottom of everything in the room

      • Shower, toilet, tub, sinks, counters, floors, mirrors, lights

  • Windows

    • Premium - Inside and/or outside, sills, frames, screens & storm doors

    • Deluxe - Inside and/or outside, sills & frames

    • Base - Outside only

  • Dryer Duct Cleaning

    • We suck and blow out the dryer line with air and a rotory soft brissled brush. While the dryer is running we insert a brush or air line and clear the line. Length of line and location can be a price difference on this service

  • Pressure Washing (each item is priced individually)

    • Exterior of home

    • Gutters, 2 stories or less only

    • Driveways

    • Patios

    • Fencing

    • Windows (only if they are really bad)

    • (No paint stripping!)

    • Exterior lighting

    • Garage Doors/Exterior of doors

      • We are careful not to leak inside the home!

  • Gutters

    • Base- Just a gentle rinse out of the gutter system, some material may still stay

    • Deluxe - Base service plus we will ensure all material has been cleaned out

    • Premium - Deluxe plus we will brush and ensure all mold/mildew is removed inside and out

      • Some staining may still be visible

  • Deep Cleaning

    • This includes the Base Service, Oven Service, and Interior Windows. (Based on time)

Office Cleaning


  • Base Cleaning Service

    • (Trash, Dusting, Counters, Toilets, Dry Sweeping)

  • Floors

    • Mopping

    • Vacuuming

    • Waxing

  • Windows

    • Up to 30ft tall windows and 2 stories

    • Option for Outside only

    • Option for Outside and Inside

    • Includes wipe down of trim & sills

    • Priced by the window, more windows cheaper the price

      • Bundling!

    • Razor scrapping is additional

    • We do not polish glass.

  • Pressure Washing

    • Exterior

    • Sidewalks

    • Bay/garage doors

      • Pricing depends on if a lift is required

Additional Service


  • COVID Sanitization 

    • a FDA approve sanitizer is misted over all non porous materials, the 10 min wet time is observed to ensure proper sanitization. (this must be done when no employees are in the office or room)

  • Snow Removal (home or office)

    • Sidewalks or Residential Driveways only

      • No Parking Lots

    • Salt/Brine is included